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Elsa Hosk is a social media star - and Victoria’s Secret PINK approves.

To celebrate the launch of the Wear Everywhere bra, Victoria’s Secret PINK and Elsa held an interactive Instagram contest (with winners announced on Elsa's Instagram) and meet and greet in New York’s Herald Square today. Just a few hours later, Elsa’s Instagram photo of the event (“Hi guys! I'm launching the @vspink#wearEverywhereBra today at herald square! can you guess how many bras are in this display? Xoxo”) already has over 8,500 likes. We stopped by Victoria's Secret and talked to Elsa about her Instagram “addiction,” her sexy selfies and, of course, what she loves about the Wear Everywhere bra.

Elsa Hosk about how to take a sexy selfie & Instagram addiction

Hi Elsa! Could you tell us what you like about the Wear Everywhere bra?

"What I really love about it is that there’s really something for everyone. It feels really good on your body. The cups are moveable and softer than your normal, kind of stiff, bra. It comes in all different sizes, which is great - even for people with double Ds, you can find a bra. There are multiple different styles, there’s a push-up and a lined and you can remove the straps. If you’re ing a dress with a racerback, you can hide the straps, which is great. And it’s a really good price point, two for $42.50. If you only need two bras in your closet, I would go for two in this collection."

The bra is called the Wear Everywhere bra because you can wear it everywhere. If you could wear it anywhere in the world, where would you go?

"You can wear it anywhere, everywhere, on any occasion! It’s always going to look good and be comfortable, whether it’s under a dress, under a T-shirt, under a sweatsuit, it’s going to look good. To school, to work, you can just throw it on and it always looks good, it’s always comfortable."

The winners of the social media contest today will be announced on your Instagram, and you’re quite a social media star. What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

"I’m so terrible, I just follow my friends. I should follow more people, but I just post and then I forget about it, I don’t look too much. Sometimes Instagram makes me too caught up in its world, I get addicted to it very easily so I have to step back! "

Looking at your Instagram, you’re the master of sexy selfies. Do you have any tips for our readers on how to take a sexy selfie?

"Oh my god! I think it’s just about feeling good. I always just take a selfie when I feel my prettiest. I wouldn’t take an ugly one - I don’t put the phone in my face when I don’t feel great. So, first, feel great. And I always try to angle it a little bit above my head so I don’t get a double chin, and look into the lens, smile. A smile is always attractive."


Source: www.fashionnstyle.com

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