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Right after Elsa Hosk became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, comparisons were drawn to the other beautiful Angels - just like Candice Swanepoel.

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For her sporty shape Sara Sampaio was called the new Adriana Lima, dark hair and pale eyes. Elsa Hosk was compared to South African Angel Candice Swanepoel for her hourglass proportions and beachy blonde locks. But Hosk isn't letting it go to her head.


Elsa Hosk vs Candice Swanepoel VS Angels

"People compare us, I do get that a lot, but to me she's just the goddess, I mean I can't even get close to her level of perfection!" Hosk laughed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

"Of course, I'm very flattered. I adore Candice; she's definitely one of the hardest workers, and she's really down to earth. All of the established Angels are all just the biggest inspiration to me; they've been doing it for so long. Behati was doing Pink when I took over from her, and she's just such an amazing spirit and she always keeps it light and fun."

Elsa Hosk compared to Angel Candice Swanepoel

While training for the show is spent in some fairly unglamorous situations - from gyms and workout studios, to rainy parks galore - Hosk revealed that she couldn't wait to take to the catwalk with her fellow Angels.

"I was so excited for all the new Angels to be able to walk as Angels, and show off all the hard work we've put in," she told Vogue.co.uk. "Before the show, I did a mix of boxing, pilates, barre and cycling - just mixing it up as much as I could so I didn't get bored. I'm a sporty girl anyway, so the more energetic the exercise is, the more I like it."

Elsa Hosk compared to Angel Candice Swanepoel

Source: vogue.co.uk


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