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Is there any other color range getting more play this season?

You don’t have to be a trend forecaster to know that it will be all over spring break, the streets, and Coachella style slideshows. Smart retailers like Victoria’s Secret have clearly picked up on it and the super saturated hues are featured prominently all over their Spring offerings for PINK. Last month, I visited their design headquarters in midtown to check out the new line and meet Elsa Hosk, former professional basketball player turned Victoria’s Secret model. We talked about her favorites for the new line, what Spring Break is like in her native Sweden, and her thoughts on Knicks phenomenon, Jeremy Lin. And this being an interview with a Victoria’ Secret model, I naturally had to ask her about her workout/diet regimen too. Read on:

Victoria’s Secret Model, Elsa Hosk gets Linsanity too

The Daily Obsession: I know exactly one word in Swedish. One of my friends had a Swedish pen pal in high school, who is now her husband.

Really? What is it!

TDO: tack så mycket(means thank you)

That’s a good one to know! You should also know hej (means hello.) My favorite word is bageri, which means bakery.

What’s Spring Break like in Sweden? Is there an equivalent?

No, not really. People get a break, but it’s nothing special. Families go away skiing and that type of thing but there’s really nowhere to go that’s hot. People living here are lucky they can go to warm places, like Mexico.

What are your favorite items from the PINK line?

I love the shorts, I think everything would look so good in them, especially with a tan. They’re washed out and they’re cool and ripped. PINK also makes the best loungewear. The new sweatpant, the Campus Pant is super comfortable. The cropped t-shirts are also cool, with slogans like, “PINK girls know how to party.”

Have you ever seen an American Spring Break?

No (giggles.) Is it really crazy?

I’m afraid you’re going to think Americans are crazy after watching it.

Haha. Am I going to be like, “Woah?” I think it should be really fun. [Spring break] is the one thing you look forward to. That’s what this collection is about, it’s about being free and living life. It’s about being young and free, and enjoying being a girl.

Victoria’s Secret Model, Elsa Hosk gets Linsanity too

I read this year was your first time being in the Victoria’s Secret show. How was it? 

It was amazing. It was the top experience of my life.

What did you do to prepare?

You have to do some serious preparation. I always say when you model for lingerie, you pretty much have to be in shape all the time. But I took it up a notch with my trainer and did butt lifts, butt lifts, so many butt lifts (laughs.) We’re not born as supermodels. We all have a lot to work on.

Everyone talks about the crazy diet Adriana Lima did, where she basically didn’t eat solid foods for two weeks. Did you do something similar?

No, that’s not me at all. I try to eat whatever I want. I don’t like putting myself on a diet but I try to eat organic, healthy, and lean with lots of green vegetables. But when I feel like eating chips, ice cream, I do. I’m human.

You used to play basketball. Do you follow the NBA?

I love the Knicks! Especially now with [Jeremy] Lin, it’s so fun. I watch every game.

Who is your favorite basketball player?

Right now, my favorite basketball player is Lin. But I also love Lebron James. He plays for Miami, but he should play for the Knicks.

Source: thedailyobsession.net

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