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29 years old Victoria’s Secret Angel swedish model Elsa Hosk’s diet contains green juices, potato salad, green vegetables and so much more. Elsa loves organic and natural food, eating these kind of things gives her the ultimate Victoria’s Secret Angel look.

She weighs 123.5 lbs (56 kilograms) and has a height of 5’9 1/4” (176 cm) - a slim figure with measurements of 31-23-35 inches. But how can she maintain this body?

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To tone her runway-ready body and legs, when she is on her way, she drinks a lot of water. She eats almost only main meals, by just making sure to eat enough and survive to the next meal. Once she is having a cheat day, Elsa loves grilled cheese sandwiches.

Elsa Hosk models for 'Solid & Striped' in classic swimsuit she designed

As a spokesperson for Biotherm, Elsa just loves to keep her body fit all year long, this way she can appear in the front of the camera brilliant all the time. Also the Victoria’s Secret Angel can stay slim by eating eggs, cucmber and greek yogurt, however she is trying to go vegan now. Elsa enjoys smoothies pretty much and getting ready for the vegan life by buying lots of vegan cookbooks.

Elsa Hosk models for 'Solid & Striped' in classic swimsuit she designed

Elsa loves to cook at home, her favorite is now gazpacho – you just simply add vegetables in a blender with olive oil, some salt, and that’s it. She is pretty happy that there are vegan grilled cheese sandwiches too.

Elsa Hosk models for 'Solid & Striped' in classic swimsuit she designed

The swedish supermodel is working out a lot, enjoying boxing classes and pilates. In boxing you can learn something new every time and this keeps her coming back for more. Elsa also has a jump rope most of time with her when traveling.

However Elsa can eat whatever she wants, she is working out 5-6 times a week, this way the metabolism is higher. Everything is about temperance – if you’d love to eat a pizza, have a slice or two! A mix of the above mentioned foods and exercies can guarantee the success and supermodel shape on and off the runway.

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